5,000 Clouds. 5,000 Puffs.

California Clouds is an e-liquid company, but that’s not all. We are a conduit to living life unapologetically. Established in 2022, California Clouds vapes aims to bring delicious new options to help people transition from cigarettes to vaping. We are a minority owned company based in Los Angeles, California.

Disposable but Rechargable

California Clouds carries a great selection of re-chargable, disposable vapes in a variety of flavors and colors. Disposable vapes are devices that are ready-to-vape and are thrown out when the e-liquid is gone. California Cloud vapes are disposable, but they are also rechargeable. If the battery dies before your liquid runs out, you can re-charge your device until the liquid is gone. Then, simply throw it away! The best part is that they come charged and ready-to-vape, so your device is ready to use upon arrival.

EST. 2022

Our Vapes Contain Up to 5,000 Puffs!

5,000 puffs!? Most industry standard evapes have only 2,500 puffs. We carry 2x the puffs of the other vapes on the market. That means that when you buy a California Clouds vape you can spend more time enjoying your device and less time on the logistics of getting a new one.


What is California Clouds?
California Cloud vapes is a California-based company that makes premium nicotine vapes in a wide variety of flavors, perfect for your day in, or out, or whatever.
Where is California Clouds located?
Los Angeles, California, where the sun is warm and the clouds are made by you.
How many puffs does the product have?
5,000 puffs per device. If your California Cloud vape runs out of battery before your liquid does, charge your device for more puffs. When your juice is gone, simply dispose of it, and come back for more!
Does this product contain nicotine?
Yes, California Cloud vape products contain nicotine, and are not sold to customers under the age of 21.
Is California Cloud affiliated with Elf Bar?
No. We are an independent company committed to providing you with 5,000 clouds of delicious fruit flavors and a cool menthol finish.
Does California clouds have non-nicotine vapes?
Yes. We are launching a new product line free of nicotine. Join our newsletter for new product releases and promotions!
Can I become a California Cloud Vapes wholesaler?
Let’s find out! Fill out our wholesaler application to get started. Once you’ve submitted your application, we will review the information you provided. Within a week, you’ll receive more information on whether or not you were approved to sell California Cloud vapor products in your store or online. Learn more about Wholesale options on the Wholesale page.